Pool Safety

Children can easily get into trouble while playing. No matter how safe a product is or how many precautions are taken, children will find a way to put themselves in danger. Therefore, it is the pool staff and parents who are responsible for keeping everyone safe.

Ensure that all staff/guardians have read and understand these rules:

1. General

  1. Always have someone responsible with supervision when kids are playing on pool platforms.
  2. Do not leave platforms unattended (in water or on the side of the pool area).
    If possible, we recommend removal from the pool when not in use.
  3. Do not use the platforms for purposes for which they were not intended (e.g. not by adults or older children).
  4. Do not exceed the recommended number of children playing on the platforms.
  5. No diving or jumping from platforms.
  6. No swimming under/through platforms.
  7. No sliding head-first on slides.

2. Assembly

  1. Follow all assembly instructions to the letter — no shortcuts!
  2. Ensure all structures are assembled and tested by responsible adults according to our instructions and safety standards.
  3. Ensure the platform has adequate ballast to make it sink to the bottom of the pool.
  4. To further minimise slipping, you may wish to:
    1. add bathtub-type non-slip strips on the platform(s) (commercially available).
    2. spray platforms with non-skid paint (commercially available).

3. Maintenance & Inspection

  1. Regularly check that all panels are secured with 4 black panel screws (90degree, ¼ turn).
    If not properly secured, the panels can bend and/or collapse along the edges.
  2. Regularly check that all tubes are secured with colored screws. Do not leave any tube hole open.
  3. Regularly inspect the structure for loose, broken or missing components.
  4. Periodically clean the structure to prevent mildew or other bacterial build-up.

4. Moving

  1. Never lift, lower, carry, pull, move or otherwise stress the platform by the railing or superstructure.
    The structures are not welded. Never stress the railings or superstructures.
  2. Always push the platform out of the pool. Never pull platforms out of the pool.
  3. Never drag the platform on the ground as this will wear out the components.

5. Placement

  1. Avoid using the larger platforms in less than 1 meter of water as children may fall off and get hurt on the pool bottom.
  2. Place on a flat pool bottom surface.
  3. If possible, place at least 2 meters from the sides of the pool (so children do not try to jump to or from the platform).
  4. Do not place too close to a pool side that a child could fall between the platform and the side of the pool.

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